Release Notes (September 2023)

Neelesh Shastry
Neelesh Shastry
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New Features

Custom Objects in Eloqua

Eloqua synapse now supports custom objects. You can read, create, update and delete records in these custom objects using Syncari now. You can now build an even more complete Contact and Account 360 view in Syncari, by pulling custom objects associated with contacts and accounts in Eloqua. 


Dashboard Sharing in Insights

Dashboards built in Insights can be shared with anyone now! Just create a new dashboard, share it with anyone via their email address. The shared dashboards are password protected and will expire after a given date automatically. You can also whitelist allowed sharing email domains to avoid accidental sharing of confidential metrics and reports outside your organization.

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Ignore blanks in Lookup Syncari Record

Often when looking up a syncari record in a pipeline, you don't want match on empty values. For example, let us say an existing Account record has no value in the City field, and you are looking up an account in Contact pipeline, matching Account City with Contact City. Before this upgrade, you had to explicitly add an Account City Not Empty filter to make sure the function did not match empty Account City with an empty Contact City.  The filter would get more complex with more such fields.

This update exposes a flag on the function to ignore blanks for all such conditions. The filters become more concise and easier to understand.

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Delete External Record Action

This new action allows to delete records in an external system by its ID. This makes it easier to explicitly control when and if a record should be deleted in an external system.

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Better handing for deleted source/destination fields used in a pipeline

Before this update, if a source or a destination field  used in a pipeline was deleted in the external system, the corresponding fields would be deleted, along with the field pipelines. This caused issues when fields were temporarily invisible to Syncari due to permission issues, causing pipelines to pause and mappings had to be re-implemented or restored from a previous version. 

The new update simply deactivates such external fields and keeps the field mappings intact. This allows users to fix the problem in the external system, and simply resume the affected pipeline.


Download sample custom synapse

You can now download a sample custom synapse implementation right from inside the Syncari product. The downloaded ZIP file has two files

  • - This is the Python 3.10 implementation of the synapse
  • requirements.txt - Defines all the third-party library dependencies for the synapse

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You can now edit/add new fields to  ChargeBee schema. Chargebee APIs do not support reading custom fields, but you can now explicitly add those fields in Syncari, and use them in pipelines

Update Syncari Records and Create Syncari Record functions have moved to actions. You can now build pipelines that stop at these nodes, instead of having to add a dummy action at the end of the pipeline.

ChargeBee Subscription Items are now editable. You can now use subscription item fields like quantity and price as destination fields and automatically sync these values from another system (like salesforce order line items) into ChargeBee

Support for parent - child relationships on Hubspot Company. You can now create and manage company hierarchies for Hubspot using Syncari

Embed & API

We added a new API to return total record count for an entity was added.

POST /api/v1/entities/{entityId}/count

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Resolved Issues

We've fixed over 50 issues in this release. Some notable ones are listed here.

  • Fixed issues in Intacct incremental sync
  • Fixes to Quickstart installation to include source filters, support for Create External Record action, support nested entities
  • Stop showing  hitherto unseen, but deleted Hubspot records in Syncari
  • Allow using BASECURR field in Sage Intacct as destination
  • Allow API users to use Bearer tokens for SSO enabled organizations
  • Save field selections correctly in Insights Datasets
  • Fix double encoding issue in Custom Action endpoint
  • Don't show instance switcher after logout
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