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Note: If you would like to use Slack to push one-way Slack messages from Syncari, please visit the Send Slack Message Action article. The below article is for bi-directional sync between Syncari and Slack.


The Slack Synapse enables data synchronization between a limited set of Slack standard objects and Syncari entities using the Slack API. After the Synapse is Authenticated, you can Activate it, which enables Syncari to replicate the Slack schema and make it available within the Unified Data Model.

Using Sync Studio, you can map Slack objects to Syncari entities, and Slack fields to Syncari fields.

Synapse Capabilities

  • Schema Discovery of Limited Standard Objects
  • Uni-Directional Sync of Limited Standard Objects

Currently Supported Objects

  • User
  • Channel
  • Message (From Public Channels Only)


In Slack Web

1. Log into slack web. If you have multiple Slack Workspaces, be sure to select the one you want to integrate with Syncari. From the address bar, copy the first ID block, this is your workspace/team ID.


In Syncari

1. Navigate to the Synapses section, find and drag the Slack Synapse onto the canvas.


2. A Synapse configuration modal will open. Enter a Synapse Name, paste in the Team/Workspace ID copied in a previous step above and click Next.


3. Click Authenticate.


4. A pop-up will open, if you're not logged into slack web in the same browser, you'll need to log in. Once that's done, you'll see a modal requesting you to give Syncari the permissions we need for the Slack Synapse to work properly. Click Allow.


NOTE!!! If you have multiple workspaces, be certain to select the workspace you plan on integrating with Syncari from the top right hand drop-down before clicking Allow.

5. You should now see that authentication was successful! Click Next.


6. Go ahead and click Make Synapse Active.


7. You should see confirmation that your Synapse is now active, go ahead and click Close.


The Slack Synapse is now activated, this means that Syncari has a connection established with Slack and has grabbed a copy of the Schema for the supported objects.

We are almost done! Just a few more steps to complete in Slack and we will be good to go.

In Slack App

Any channel that you want to sync messages from, must have the Syncari app invited/installed. Let's walk through it together:

1. Navigate to the public Slack channel you want to have messages synched from, click on the channel name dropdown, select the Integrations tab and finally click Add an App.


2. Search for Syncari and click on Add.


You can repeat the above two steps for all channels you want to have the messages synched from.

Note: Remember, we can only pull messages from public channels at this time!

If you need to use Syncari to send Slack messages, we have you covered! Check out the article below.


For any questions about privacy, check out our privacy policy.


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