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The Send Slack Message action is useful for sending internal Slack notifications. In order to use this action you will need to create a Slack channel and invite the Syncari App to the channel. 


Slack Configuration

Your Slack account will need to be configured before you can use the Send Slack Message Action. Follow these steps to connect Slack with Syncari and setup your Slack channel with the Syncari app. 


Add Service Credentials for Slack

  1. Go to the Service Credentials screen in Syncari
  2. Click Add Credential
  3. Set the Name of the Service and Select "Slack" as the Type
  4. Click Createmceclip0.png
  5. You will be redirected to the Slack login screen and asked to give Syncari permissions to your Slack account. Click Allow to give Syncari permissions to send Slack messages. Screen_Shot_2021-04-22_at_7.36.46_PM.png

Add the Syncari App to your Slack Channel

  1. Create a Slack channel or select an existing channel that will be used to send Slack messages from Syncari. 
  2. From the Slack channel, select Details > More > Add AppsScreen_Shot_2021-04-22_at_7.50.51_PM.png
  3. Find the Syncari app and add the app to the channel2021-10-14_16-41-20.jpg
  4. Add the Syncari app to every Slack channel that you will use with the Send Slack Message action. 

Send Slack Message Configuration

Using the Send Slack Message action will allow you to send Slack notifications to a channel according to your pipeline flow. This action can be used on the entity and field pipeline. 


  1. Enter a label for the node. This will be helpful with identifying the node when viewing your Pipeline.
  2. Enter a Description for the node. This is an optional field. 
  3. Select the Slack account you configured in Service Credentials
  4. Enter the Slack channel name. The # in front of the channel name is not required but feel free to add it if you like. 
  5. Enter the Message. Click the Insert Token option to specify a field or combination of fields that will be used to dynamically add information from the entity record into the Slack message. You can use a mix of text and tokens for this field. The message can also be formatted with Slack's text formatting. See this article for details:
  6. [block]
  7. [thread]

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