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When you are configuring Draft field pipelines in a Draft entity pipeline, you can use the Ready to Publish feature to operationally manage your field pipelines and publish them while maintaining drafts of other field pipelines that you are still working to complete. This capability enables you to incrementally publish field pipelines that are ready for publishing while maintaining the Draft status of the entity pipeline and other Draft field pipelines. 

➡️ To set a field pipeline to ready to Publish:

  1. Navigate to a field pipeline.
  2. Select Ready to Publish.
  3. Return to the entity pipeline and select the Syncari node to see the field pipeline marked Ready.
  4. Validate and test the entity pipeline.
  5. To publish the pipeline, click Publish (see Publishing Pipelines).
    The appropriate option is already selected: Publish field pipelines marked ready (n field pipelines)
  6. Keep Publish field pipelines marked ready (n field pipelines) selected, and then click Publish Draft.

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