Validating Pipelines

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Pipeline Validation can check your draft pipeline configuration for errors. The pipeline validation runs through each node, one at a time, to check for errors with the synapse connection, mapping, functions, actions and more. 

You can validate both entity and field pipelines. Clicking Validate on an entity pipeline will also validate the field pipelines within it.

As a best practice, you should always validate your entity and field pipelines as you make changes to a draft. This is a crucial step to perform before Testing Pipelines and Publishing Pipelines.

Validating your Draft Pipeline

  1. In Sync Studio, view the Draft of your Entity Pipeline and click Validate. The Validate button is only available when editing a Draft of your pipeline.
  2. Review the Validation Results in the panel on the right side of the screen and the status bar at the top of the canvas.

Validation Results

If the validation identifies errors in the configuration of your draft pipeline, the Validation Results panel (on the right side) will provide you with the relevant information you need to correct the error.

Click the kebab icon on the specific error message on the Validation Results panel and select Go to... in order to view the specific node identified with an error.  

When selecting a node, the right panel will include a Validation tab that provides any errors or warnings with the node's configuration. 

Contact Support if you encounter any validation errors that you are not able to resolve.

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