Release Notes (April 2024)

Varsha Neelesh
Varsha Neelesh
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New Features

Custom Synapse Testing

With the new release syncari synapse developers can now test the draft synapse in pipelines without having to submit for approval. This means there is less wait time for approvals hence reducing the overall synapse build time and golive. Read more here.

JSON Functions

Users can now parse a json string to a list of elements or an object using the `Parse JSON to List` and `Parse JSON to Object` functions. This is particularly helpful when data in a field from external system comes as a json string.

Screen Shot 2024-04-24 at 2.40.42 PM.png

Pipeline Extension

The pipeline now allows users to add pipeline segments beyond the destination node. This is especially useful if you want to achieve things like sending a notification or taking an action after the destination sync. 

Screen Shot 2024-05-06 at 11.58.15 AM.png


  • Allow source side filtering for Eloqua synapse
  • Update snowflake to support 'PUBLIC' user
  • Add Support for Classes and Departments in NetSuite Synapse

  • Transaction logs: Display the Original source in multiple lines when there are multiple sources
  • Add help article link to Live and Simulated tests
  • Show api name for fields in Datastudio details page
  • Error notifications: Ability to resent invitation for email error notifications
  • Show Syncari SDK info in the app

Syncari APIs

No Changes to APIs


Resolved Issues & Minor Updates

We've fixed and implemented over 25 issues & minor updates  in this release. Some notable ones are listed here.

  • API - Can't query on Is Syncari Deleted field
  • Variable Value Not Getting URL Encoded Properly in Custom Action
  • Using Create Entity Dialog Creates Duplicate and Invalid Data Store Names
  • Stripe Subscription Items Not Syncing Properly
  • Microsoft Business Central Object Missing from Schmema (Items)
  • Custom Synapse - Field Required flag not working on AuthField object
  • Amplitude: Required fields are not marked with asterisk in Synapse Creation modal
  • Forgot Password: User can enter any text to rest password
  • CSV Export Action reformats Date value
  • Newlines in a string value breaks a csv export (csv export action)
  • Updates not making it to Redshift destination for some records
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