Testing a Custom Synapse in Syncari

Dan Seethaler
Dan Seethaler
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Testing a new custom synapse is an important part of the development process. Once you've uploaded your custom synapse files you can install the draft version of the custom synapse in the instance it was created in. This will allow you to test all aspects of the synapse before submitting it for review.

Install the [Draft] Custom Synapse

After you've created a draft of your custom synapse, you will see that synapse in the Synapse Library with a [Draft] tag. This synapse can be dragged onto the canvas and used like a regular synapse.

As you test the draft synapse you may find things that need to be fixed or improved. You can upload new files to your custom synapse draft and continue testing. This cycle supports iterating on your custom synapse until it's working the way you expect.

When using a draft version of a custom synapse you will see the [Draft] tag throughout the app. For example, in Synapse Studio, Schema Studio, and Sync Studio.

Publish the Draft

Once you're ready to publish the custom synapse you can submit it for review. After it's been approved and published, the synapse will have a [Published] tag.

Any instances of the custom synapse [Draft] will be converted to use the published version as soon as the synapse is published. After publishing, if you create a draft of the custom synapse you will see both the draft and published versions as separate synapses in the synapse library. The draft can be installed just like before and used for testing. If there are instances of the draft version installed when you publish again, those will also be updated to point to the new published version of the custom synapse.

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