Release Notes (March 2024)

Varsha Neelesh
Varsha Neelesh
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New Features

Insights SQL Authoring

Insights now has SQL editor allowing you to create new datasets or manipulate existing datasets using raw sql. Data enthusiasts who prefer direct access to SQL can comfortably manage datasets. The editor provides rich features like syntax highlight, auto complete and variable management. You can also switch the existing datasets to sql mode.



Copy/Paste node support

There are many occasions where nodes same group of nodes are needed in a different pipeline. When authoring pipelines manually, the ability to copy and paste a set of nodes from an existing pipeline helps reduce build time. Syncari Sync Studio canvas now allows users to copy and paste a set or group of nodes from one pipeline to another.  Read more here.

copy_paste_nodes (1).gif



  • Dedupe/Merge: Support option to ignore blanks by default for "starts with" and "contains" operators
  • Add a new filter on Find Dupes to skip dedupe on incoming records

  • Support for Eloqua in 'Update External Records' action
  • Synapse Studio : Unmask option for synapse credentials when creating new synapse or editing existing synapse. This helps in troubleshooting synapse connectivity issues due to invalid credentials. 

Syncari APIs

No Changes to APIs


Resolved Issues & Minor Updates

We've fixed and implemented over 25 issues & minor updates  in this release. Some notable ones are listed here.

  • Insights dashboard: Insights does not load the last visited dashboard all the time
  • Fix SQL Casing in Insights Dataset converted sql query
  • Error message displayed when creating a custom action needs to be user friendly
  • Schema Studio: User is able to create a Syncari entity with existing data store name
  • Mysterious error appearing when authenticating SFTP Synapse
  • Unable to sync data from BC 21 via regular sync cycles
  • Simple pipeline throws validation error with no details
  • Pipeline error missing cron scheduling validation
  • Error executing function node Lookup External Record
  • Id field value did not sync from JIRA
  • Duplicate records created in Redshift table
  • Inactive Entities Show in Source and Destination Node Configuration
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