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Pipelines provide an enormous amount of power and flexibility. Learning to build them quickly can help you become a more effective Syncari user. This article reviews a few tools and tips you can use to get the most out of the pipeline builder.

Selecting Nodes

Selecting multiple nodes allows you to do some actions in bulk including: moving nodes, deleting nodes, and creating node groups.

You can select multiple nodes one at a time by holding shift or you can use the selection tool. The selection tool is activated by holding the spacebar while dragging your mouse across the canvas. This will draw a box outline as you drag. When you release the mouse all the nodes that are fully included in the box will be selected. You can also hold shift while dragging the selection box if you want to add additional nodes to the current selection.

If you have a group of nodes selected and you want to remove a few of them, simply hold shift and tap those nodes.

selection_tool (2).gif


Grouping Nodes

Node groups make it easier for you to manage complex pipelines by grouping related nodes. Groups can be collapsed when you're not actively working on them which cleans up the visual clutter.

To create a node group, select two or more nodes. Then, use the panel that appears to add these to the group. It’s easy to name the group, add a description, and set a color for the group node to make it stand out on the pipeline.


Using Node grouping to simplify a pipeline


Copying and Pasting Nodes

Sometimes it can be helpful to re-use a set of existing nodes or copy nodes to another pipeline. You can do that by either duplicating nodes or coping and pasting them. When nodes are copied they include much of their configuration. After pasting you can connect the nodes to your pipeline and adjust any configuration as needed.

Start by selecting the nodes you want to copy or duplicate. To duplicate the nodes to the same pipeline you can click "Clone selected nodes". To copy nodes you can hit Cmd/Ctrl+C or click the "Copy selected nodes" button. Once nodes are copied they can be pasted to the same pipeline or another pipeline of the same type in the same instance. Field pipeline nodes cannot be pasted to an entity pipeline for visa versa.


copy_paste_nodes (1).gif

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