Release Notes (February 2024)

Varsha Neelesh
Varsha Neelesh
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New Features

Dataset as Source

Datasets created in Insights can now be used as sources in sync studio pipelines to sync data. These are especially useful when you want to sync calculated data back into your operational systems. It is also a great way to create daily/weekly/monthly snapshot of data. Read more here.


Oracle DB Synapse

The Oracle database Synapse enables data synchronization between Oracle database schema and Syncari entities. After the Synapse is authenticated, a user can activate the Oracle Synapse, which enables Syncari to replicate the schema of Oracle and make it available within the Unified Data Model. Using Sync Studio, a user can map Oracle tables to Syncari entities, and Oracle fields to Syncari fields. Read more here.




  • IN operator support for variables in Insights
  • BYODW - Add help text to disabled fields explaining why they’re disabled
  • Synapse SDK - Allow none for authentication type
  • Add Retrying State in Pipeline to track Pipeline being retried before being paused
  • External record deletes are now logged in Transaction Log. Details can be found here
  • Added a maximum allowed duplicates configuration on find dupes page so that user can control number of duplicates allowed
  • Dedupe/Merge: Support option to ignore blanks by default for "starts with" and "contains" operators

  • Update Syncari Record: Support option to ignore blanks

Syncari APIs

No Changes to APIs


Resolved Issues & Minor Updates

We've fixed and implemented over 25 issues & minor updates  in this release. Some notable ones are listed here.

  • Fixed an issue during schema refresh in BigQuery
  • Fix for a decision node changing left-hand side doesn't clear right-hand side but then does on save
  • A field cannot be added multiple times in a calculated field function params
  • Changing Google Sheet location/Synapse Name breaks field mapping
  • Transaction shows we sent null value to Netsuite but field value on the Netsuite Customer record remains populated
  • QuickStarts not showing in QuickStart studio
  • Insights - Invalid blend fields, missing blend fields validation
  • Insights - Clicking on params adds duplicate params
  • Sync error pagination is not working
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