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Syncari keeps track of every data change that happens in the system. We expose this to you in the Transaction view. We also give you the opportunity to filter in order to find what you are looking for and then view the detail of the changes made as part of the transaction.



  1. Navigate to Transactions
  2. Results show the transactions that match your filter



  1. Entity - You can see transactions for All Entities or for a specific entity like Like lead as I have done here.
  2. Date Range - You can choose a date range of transactions you would like to see. By default this is the last week but you can change this to find what you are looking for.
  3. Operation - You can choose All Operations or a specific operation like Create or Update.
  4. Finally, click Apply to see your results

Results (Transactions)


  1. Date - When the transaction occurred
  2. Entity - What entity the transaction affected
  3. Original Source - The Synapse and Enternal ID of the record(s) that was processed which affected the change.
  4. Operation - Category of the change (Create, Update, etc.)
  5. Changes - How many changes were made as part of this transaction (Click for Detail)
  6. [Errors]

Transaction Detail


  1. Field - The field that was affected by the transaction
  2. [Source Value]
  3. Old Value - The value that was in Syncari before the transaction (this will be blank for Create operations)
  4. New Value - The value that is in Syncari after the transaction
  5. [Data authority winning value]
  6. [Destination Value]

Delete Transactions

Transactions can capture two kinds of Delete operations. One when a record is deleted from Syncari and another when the record is deleted in the destination Synapse through Syncari.

Syncari Delete

"Delete" operation in Syncari is caused by one of the following

  • Record was deleted in the source synapse and record had ID Mapping corresponding only to that source.
  • Record deleted through Data Studio.
  • Record deleted using "Delete Syncari Records" action.

Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 2.36.40 PM.png

The details view captures the changes that happened in Syncari. In this example there was change only on the isDeleted field.
Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 2.36.50 PM.png

External Delete

"External Delete" operation occurs when deletes in Syncari are sent to the destination synapses. Destination synapse should be be configured in the Syncari Pipeline to accept deletes.

Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 2.09.52 PM.png

Details view of the transaction captures the ID of the deleted record in the Synapse, along with name of the external entity and the name of the Synapse. If the deletion in the Synapse is triggered due to the record being deleted in one of the sources, then that information is captured in the "Disconnected sources" tab. In the example below, the record was deleted from sources - Salesforce and Marketo. Pipeline processed this and the deleted the record from Postgres, which was the destination Synapse.

Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 2.09.35 PM.pngScreen Shot 2024-03-05 at 2.09.28 PM.png

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