Release Notes (November 2023)

Neelesh Shastry
Neelesh Shastry
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New Features

Sync Studio Details View

The pipeline details  tab in Sync Studio was revamped to provide a better overview of pipeline status. You can now see pipeline status, current activity, sources and destinations in a pipeline, and a host of other details about all pipelines in a single tabular view.


All quick actions you can perform on a pipeline are also handily available from the Actions kebob.

The filter panel allows you to quickly filter pipelines in various states, using a specific source or a destination.


Microsoft SQL Server Synapse (On-prem & Azure)

In an effort to expand our support for Microsoft ecosystem, we have added a SQL Server synapse. The synapse supports both Azure SQL server and on-prem SQL Server. You can now activate product usage data in a SQL Server, or easily integrate with on-prem ERP systems that use SQL Server as a database, and homegrown applications using SQL Server as a database.

Insights is now Generally Available

We are pleased to announce that our flagship revenue reporting and analytics product, Insights,  is now generally available! 

You can enable this feature by navigating to Insights Studio and clicking on the "Enable Feature" button today!



Insights includes a very powerful visual editor to create "data sets" which represent reports, metrics and other interesting things about your data. You can then build "data cards" which are visualizations for data sets, and add many such data cards on a "dashboard" that tells a cohesive story about pipeline, revenue, customer health, and many more.  

With Insights, Syncari is now your single plane of control for all things data , in your organization! 

Give it a go and let us know what features and improvements you'd like.

Learn More About Insights


  • You can now share Quickstarts across subscriptions, as long as you have the sharing permissions
  • You can now write into Sage Intacct Contract objects
  • Netsuite now supports tax details on Estimate objects
  • Added Object datatype to Set Value function. This allows you to store the results of lookups and custom actions on entity pipeline as temporary variables and reuse it in other nodes and field pipelines

Syncari APIs

No Changes to APIs


Resolved Issues & Minor Updates

We've fixed and implemented over 25 issues & minor updates  in this release. Some notable ones are listed here.

  • Netsuite synapse now populates Addressee information correctly
  • Fixes around custom action validations and accessing custom action results
  • Schema refresh generates a single notification now, reducing noise
  • Security fixes against custom action & custom synapse SSRF attacks
  • Removed "List" data type from Schema studio. Use multi-valued fields instead
  • Fixes to "Add to List" function, you can now initialize an empty list as a temporary variable and  and collect values in that list
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