Release Notes for Syncari (September 2022)

Dave Wilks
Dave Wilks
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These are the release notes for features Syncari introduced in September 2022. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New Features

Each month, we highlight newly released features. 

Here’s the list for this month:

  • Node Grouping: Simplify Pipelines
  • Merge Winning Condition: First Not Matching
  • New Synapse: Eloqua
  • Updated Synapse: Impartner, BigQuery, Outreach

Node Grouping: Simplify Pipelines

When you create complex logic in pipelines, we thought it would make sense to simplify the display. That’s why we built a Node Group feature to visually organize a group of nodes into a single group.

With Node grouping, select two or more nodes. Then, use the panel that appears to add these to the group. It’s easy to name the group, add a description, and set a color for the group node to make it stand out on the pipeline.


Using Node grouping to simplify a pipeline

New Merge Condition: First Not Matching

Merging records is a process. First, you select duplicates, then define tie-breaker conditions, and finally decide how to merge the resulting set of records. When you have multiple potential records to use in your merge, having a robust set of conditions helps to improve flexibility in combining those records.

We’ve introduced a new merge condition – “first not matching” – which lets you sort a set of records by the first record not matching a value. You might find this valuable when comparing records from multiple systems.


Use the “First Not Matching” merge condition to fine-tune how records are merged


Eloqua Synapse: Contacts and Accounts

We’ve added a Synapse to the popular marketing automation tool Eloqua. The first version supports Contacts and Accounts.

Impartner Synapse: Custom Object Support

We’ve enhanced the Impartner Synapse to support custom objects and the Deal Contact object.

BigQuery Synapse: Destination Added

We’ve added end-to-end automated ETL support for BigQuery.

Outreach Synapse: Objects Added

We released support for new Outreach objects: role, task priority, sequencestate, and sequencestep. Now, you can get additional information about the progress of prospects through an Outreach sequence, or synchronize tasks to other systems.


These are some of the enhancements we made to Syncari in September 2022:

  • The user’s zoom preference is now saved
  • Fragments are added to the pipeline at the point where they are dropped
  • A multi-select menu panel appears when multiple nodes are selected on a pipeline
  • Dropping a connecting arrow on a node now automatically connects to an available port
  • Schema Sync automatically creates tables in Database Synapses for Syncari entities, including custom fields
  • Added references to the task object in the Outreach Synapse to map tasks to Owner, Account, and Prospect
  • Updated the AddToMarketoList action to handle multiple lists
  • Enrich Person and Enrich Company functions terminate if not connected to the Core
  • The read-only column in Schema studio now toggles between true and false (previously shown as active/inactive)
  • Syncari now supports sending email messages to email addresses that contain the plus symbol, e.g.

API Enhancements

We made the following changes to Syncari APIs:

  • Added an API to add/replace Reference Data Sets
  • Added an API to install Quickstarts
  • Added an API to handle Quickstart conflict resolution when installed

Resolved Issues

We also resolved some issues in the Syncari platform, including:

  • A filter following a Set Value function didn’t offer operators related to data type
  • Inactive Salesforce entities were displayed on picklists
  • During synapse editing, Netsuite token ID was not saved as expected
  • Date time values were sent to Google sheets incorrectly as strings
  • A few Sync cycle details were shown with a default unix date (12/31/69)
  • A UI issue where Tables did not auto-expand to fit the columns
  • The deletion event for Freshsales deals did not sync to Syncari
  • A live test was erroring due to a complex filter with 8 conditions
  • Validation did not detect a loop when a node was connected only to a source node
  • Field pipeline "ready" status was showing the incorrect state
  • Switching between fields with breadcrumb links was not working as expected
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