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The Intercom Synapse enables data synchronization between a limited set of Intercom standard objects and Syncari entities using the Intercom API. After the Synapse is Authenticated, you can Activate it, which enables Syncari to replicate the Intercom schema and make it available within the Unified Data Model.

Synapse Capabilities

  • Schema discovery of limited set of standard objects
  • Bi-directional sync of limited set of objects

Supported Objects

  1. Contact
  2. Company


In Intercom | Create App & Gather Token/Secret/AppID

1. Log in to Intercom and navigate to your Profile and then Settings.


2. Navigate to the Apps & Integrations area, then go to the Developer Hub.


3. The Intercom developer hub will open in a new tab, click New app.


4. Enter an App name, ensure the correct Workspace is selected and click Create app.


5. Copy and set aside the Access token.


6. Under the Basic information section, copy and set aside the Client secret.


7. The final piece of information we need to collect before heading over to Syncari is the App ID which you'll find in the URL. Copy that ID and set it aside.


Optional: In Intercom | Configure Contact Deletion Webhook

If you want Syncari to be aware of deleted contacts in Intercom, you'll need to configure a webhook. If you don't need to sync deletions, you can skip this step.

1. Under the same application you created above, navigate to the Webhooks section and enter the following endpoint URL:


2. From the Webhook topics dropdown, select contact.deleted and click Save.


You can now set Intercom aside and continue the configuration in Syncari.

In Syncari

1. Log into Syncari, navigate to the Synapse Studio section and drag in the Intercom Synapse from the list onto the canvas.


2. The Synapse configuration modal will pop open. Enter a Synapse Name and the following Endpoint URL: 


3. We set aside a few items in previous steps, from those items, enter the Application Id, the Client Secret and then click Next.


4. Enter the Access token saved from a previous step above as the API Key. Click Authenticate.


5. Go ahead and Make Synapse Active and finally click Close.


Congratulations on successfully configuring the Intercom Synapse!


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