Release Notes for Syncari (August 2022)

Reza Farpour
Reza Farpour
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These are the release notes for features Syncari introduced in August 2022. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New Features

Each month, we highlight newly released features. 

Here’s the list for this month:

  • Imported Files: file preview and data type discovery
  • New Synapse: SAP Sales Cloud
  • Introducing the Intercom Synapse 
  • UI enhancement: refreshed left navigation

Imported Files: Preview and Data Type Discovery

We’ve gotten great feedback on our Imported Files feature that enables you to upload data quickly using the CSV format. This is an effective way to add lead lists, load data, and to import data from many different sources.

We added the ability to preview a file and export a file after uploading it. We also discover the data type for several different types of data like integer, date time, and string, making it easier to define your schema.


After uploading, preview your file

SAP Synapse: SAP Cloud for Sales

We continue to add more Synapses based on customer feedback. Our latest is SAP Cloud for Sales, which provides access to the cloud-based version of SAP’s CRM tools. Whether you are tracking opportunities, managing quote to cash, or matching leads to accounts, this Synapse can help you get what you need.

Use SAP Cloud for Sales along with one of our marketing automation Synapses to connect marketing leads to sales accounts. Track your customers from leads to billings with this Synapse.

Intercom Synapse: Contacts and Companies

Intercom is a popular sales and customer service engagement platform offering the ability to manage customer conversations and to segment customers. We’ve added a Synapse to enable you to sync data to people and companies you message and follow in Intercom.

Our Intercom Synapse supports bidirectional synchronization for Contact and Company objects in Intercom, letting you connect your CS systems with the rest of your GTM stack.

Left Navigation Refresh

We’re working on a new look for the navigation and color palette you see in Syncari. The left navigation is the first item to be updated, including icon refreshes and other changes to make it easier on your eyes when you use Syncari.



These are some of the enhancements we made to Syncari in August 2022:

  • The record, reference data set, and pipeline limits were removed from our Syncari Free Trial and the trial length is now 30 days
  • CustomerDeposit is now a supported entity in the Netsuite Synapse
  • Batching was added for custom actions so that they may run asynchronously
  • The behavior of the Lookup Syncari Record function was changed to set a default sort
  • The email message sent for deactivated users was updated
  • Syncari now has an improved ability to output node values from a pipeline loop
  • Duplicate ID fields are now easier to find and remove using Schema Studio
  • Integer fields are now an option as a watermark schema field
  • A DELETE confirmation message occurs before users remove published pipelines
  • A published Quickstart ID is now available in the UI to copy easily
  • Add to List and Remove From List Actions now take an optional input of list
  • The required scopes were changed for the Hubspot app to list required and optional access scopes
  • Mailing is now a supported entity in the Outreach Synapse
  • PersonStage is now a supported field in the Person entity in the Salesloft Synapse
  • The BigQuery Synapse now supports writes and autodiscovery of views in BigQuery
  • It’s easier to select nodes and connect them when building pipelines

API Enhancements

We made the following changes to Syncari APIs in the last month:

  • CreateInstance API was updated to support asynchronous instance creation
  • getJobByID API was created to support asynchronous instance creation
  • List Errors API was created to list sync and synapse errors

Resolved Issues
We also resolved some issues in the Syncari platform, including:

  • Error messages are now more user-friendly for a malformed Data Studio query 
  • An error occurring for an invited user to a trial instance
  • We resolved a schema refresh error that occurred intermittently for Salesforce
  • Netsuite Custom objects with certain permissions were not appearing properly in Syncari 
  • Imported Files Synapse was not resyncing properly when a file of 0 records was present 
  • The S3 synapse did not work as expected when source file was loaded through API
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