Syncari Order of Operations

Reza Farpour
Reza Farpour
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To successfully design and build your Syncari pipelines, you should know a few things under the hood. Here is, at a high level, the main steps Syncari takes when processing records:

  1. Syncari receives records from the source synapse.
  2. Syncari runs the source-side entity pipeline.
  3. Syncari runs source-side field pipelines.
  4. Syncari runs de-dupe & merge.
  5. Syncari creates and updates Syncari records.
  6. Syncari runs the destination-side entity pipeline.
  7. Syncari runs the destination-side field pipeline.
  8. Syncari creates and updates destination records.

We recommend you keep this article handy and use it as a reference when you are in the pipeline design and planning phase, as it's important to understand the order of operations for a successful build.

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