Adding Syncari Data Store as a Data Source in Tableau Online

Reza Farpour
Reza Farpour
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Syncari provides the ability to sync all of your aggregated data into any BI Tool or Database Query Tool that supports a Postgres connection.

OK, let's get started!

In Syncari

1. Navigate to the Settings area and then to Data Store > Configure.

app.syncari.com_settings_datastore_configure(Support Screenshot) (3).png

Leave this tab open for now, you will need this information once you are in Tableau.

In Tableau Online

1. Navigate to Explore, under the New dropdown, click Published Data Source.


2. Under the Connectors tab, select PostgreSQL.


3. Use the information from the open Syncari tab to fill in the PostgreSQL connector details and click Sign In.

  • Syncari | Host > Tableau | Server
  • Syncari | User Name > Tableau | Username
  • Syncari | Password > Tableau | Password
  • Syncari | Database Name > Tableau | Database
  • Syncari | Port > Tableau | Port


4. Now drag over the Syncari entities you would like to query.


5. Enter a Name for this datasource, check Embed Credentials if you like and click Publish.


Nicely done! You have now added Syncari Data Store as a Data Source in your instance of Tableau Online. Time to build some reports!

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