Release Notes for Syncari (May 2022)

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Release Notes for Syncari (May 2022)

These are the release notes for features Syncari introduced in May 2022. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New Features

Each month, we highlight newly released features. 

Here’s the list for this month:

  • Pipeline Search: Search nodes by name
  • Subscribe to Error Notifications: Get notified by email
  • Custom Action Sharing: Publish Custom Actions to an Instance

Pipeline Search: Search Nodes by Name

One of the most frequently requested features in the Syncari platform is the ability to search within a pipeline. We’ve made that easier for you! This release provides the ability to search for the name of a node in the pipeline.

Try it out by searching for the name of a function, the name of an action, or a node name within the pipeline. Syncari will show you a list of results including a link to that item within a published or draft pipeline.


Search the name of the node across entity and field pipelines

Subscribe to Error Notifications: Get Notified by Email

Another frequently requested feature is the ability to get notified whenever there is a Sync error or another critical error in the pipeline. We track several classes of errors in Syncari, including Pipeline, Synapse, and Sync Errors. You can always find the errors in the Logs section of Syncari.

Starting with this release, go to Profile > Notifications to set your subscription to Pipeline, Synapse, and Sync errors. You may specify to receive an immediate email or to receive a digest email with all of the errors that occurred during that time period. If no errors occur, you will not receive an email. It’s possible to subscribe to the error types independently, or to subscribe to all of them.


Specify the type of error where you receive a notification

Custom Action Sharing: share actions with another instance

A few months back we added Custom Actions, which let you call a REST API from a pipeline node. These actions are excellent for use cases where you need to send information or retrieve information from an external service. To improve the Custom Actions experience, we’ve added the ability to share your Custom Action with another Syncari instance in your organization.


An example custom action that geocodes an address and returns the result

For example, you might have a sandbox instance of Syncari where you test your configurations, and then need to move your Custom Actions to a production environment. Custom Action sharing makes that possible. If you’re an administrator of multiple Syncari instances, this also gives you the ability to write a Custom Action once and deploy it to any of those instances.

Minor Updates

These are some of the minor improvements we made to Syncari in May 2022:

  • We released a few APIs, including an API for Getting Items from a Reference Data Set and an API for Create User
  • We added custom error message for custom Synapse and the ability to download error logs for custom synapses

We also resolved some issues in the Syncari platform, including:

  • The Schema API was not returning tags as expected
  • A UI issue prevented long instance names from displaying correctly when the user belongs to more than one Syncari instance
  • A generalized issue causing incorrect scrolling 
  • An invalid count from lookup filter condition (source) that happened when a draft pipeline was created after a pipeline was published
  • Changing the tooltip on the sync status destination to make the action clearer
  • When reference data lookup key is updated, the destination field dropdowns were not showing
  • A live test that was not able to find a known HubSpot company ID
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