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Reza Farpour
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Field mapping defines which fields in each synapse to associate with the Syncari entity—the unified record in Syncari, or the golden record. Mapping consists of the following:

  • Choosing the synapse that includes the field that you want to sync.
  • Selecting the entity to sync with.
  • Specifying the sync direction. That is, does it only sync from the synapse to the Syncari entity as a Source, sync from the Syncari entity to the synapse as a Destination, or Both?
  • Choosing the field in the Syncari entity that matches it or creating the field if no equivalent fields exist.

Syncari offers two ways to map fields:

  • You can use the Field Mapper covered in this article, which is excellent for mapping several fields simultaneously. You also create field pipelines when you map fields using the Field Mapper. See About Field Pipelines.
  • You can also map fields one at a time while working in individual field pipelines. This way, you can easily see what's already been mapped. See Create Field Pipelines.

➡️ To map fields using the Field Mapper, follow the steps below or review this video.

  1. Open a draft entity pipeline in Sync Studio. See About Entity Pipelines.
  2. Click More Actions > Manage Field Map in the pipeline menu. 

    If you haven't mapped any fields yet, Syncari prompts you to add a mapping.
  3. Click Add Mapping.
    The Field Mapper loads within the context of the entity you selected. Always remember which Syncari entity you are mapping to and from. In this case, we are looking at the Lead entity in Syncari.
  4. Create one row for each field in the Field Mapper.
    1. Synapse Name—Select the activated synapse to map with the Syncari entity.
    2. Synapse Entity—Select the entity in the synapse to map with the Syncari entity.
    3. Synapse Field—Select the field in the selected entity to map with the Syncari entity.
      Note: The display name is in black, and the API name is (gray) for fields and entities.
    4. Sync Direction—Choose a direction for the sync:
      Note: Depending on the field-level permissions for the integration user in the external system, you may not see all three options.
      • Both means Syncari will sync from the source system to the Syncari entity and from the Syncari entity to the destination system.
      • Destination - For destination-only field mappings where a synapse gets data from Syncari.
      • Source - For source-only field mappings where a synapse supplies data to Syncari.
    5. Syncari Field—The field in the Syncari entity that applies to the mapping. If you're mapping an external system field to Syncari and don't have a Syncari field to map to, you can click + Add Field, and Syncari creates the field. You can keep the properties from the external system or set them as you need. 

    6. Click + Add or anywhere on the field Mapper to add another row. 
      Syncari automatically adds the Synapse Name and Synapse Entity to each new row, but you can still choose other synapses.
    7. When finished, click Map Fields on the top right side.
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