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The Chargebee Synapse enables data synchronization between a limited set of Chargebee standard objects and Syncari entities using the Chargebee API. After the Synapse is Authenticated, you can Activate it, which enables Syncari to replicate the Chargebee schema and make it available within the Unified Data Model.


In Chargebee | Create API Key

1. Log into your Chargebee account and navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > API Keys and click Add API Key.


2. Select Full-Access Key.


3. Select All and Name the API Key and click Create Key.


4. Click the copy button to copy the Key to clipboard and set it aside for a moment.


In Chargebee | Create Webhook

The Chargebee API only allows external systems leveraging their APIs to see records being deleted in Chargebee via webhooks. As such, let's go ahead and create a webhook for this.

1. Under Settings > Configure Chargebee > API Keys you'll see a Webhooks tab, click it and then click Add Webhook.


2. Enter a Webhook Name and the following Webhook URL:


3. Enable basic authentication then enter a Username and Password of your choice. Be sure to remember these credentials.


6. Select the following set of Events to Send:

  • Customer Deleted
  • Payment Source Deleted
  • Subscription Deleted
  • Invoice Deleted
  • Quote Deleted
  • Item Deleted
  • Item Family Deleted
  • Item Price Deleted


7. Once you're done adding all 8 Events to Send, Click Create.


8. Copy the ID of the Webhook you just created and set it aside for now.


Excellent work! You've now completed the Webhook creation steps.

In Chargebee | Copy Subdomain

1. We need one more piece of information, go ahead and copy your Chargebee account subdomain from the browser URL.


Excellent! Let's recap and itemize the things we need for next steps:

  1. Chargebee API Key
  2. Webhook ID
  3. Webhook Authentication Username and Password
  4. Chargebee Subdomain

OK, let's head over to Syncari.

In Syncari

1. Log into Syncari, navigate to the Synapse Studio section and drag in the Chargebee Synapse from the list onto the canvas.


2. Enter a Synapse Name, the Chargebee Subdomain Name and the Chargebee Webhook ID you set aside from the previous steps above.


3. Enter the Webhook Username, Password and click Next.


4. Enter your Chargebee API Key saved from previous steps above then Save and Authenticate.


5. You should receive visual confirmation of successful authentication, go ahead and click Next.


5. Let's go ahead and Make Synapse Active.


6. Once you receive visual confirmation of activation, go ahead and click Close.


Great job! you have now completed the Chargebee Synapse configuration.


Although the Chargebee Synapse shows Active, no data is going to be transferred between Chargebee and Syncari until you setup your pipelines. We do however download a copy of the Chargebee database Schema which you can explore in Schema Studio.

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