Release Notes for Syncari (February 2022)

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Mike Jones
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These are the release notes for Syncari features introduced in February 2022. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New Features

Each month, we highlight newly released features. 

Here’s the list for this month:

  • Quick Start supports pipeline merge
  • Performance improvements (36x in pipeline navigation)
  • Stripe Synapse

Add Quick Starts to Existing Pipelines

Syncari’s Quick Start functionality enables you to install complete pipelines into your Syncari instance with the click of a button. Common processes such as account deduplication, lead-to-account matching, Salesforce case to Zendesk ticket mapping, or Salesforce sales order to Netsuite invoice creation can be quickly added to your canvas.

Now, you can add these settings to existing pipelines, as well as applying Quick Starts to new ones. When applying a Quick Start to any existing workflows, your existing settings and the ones within the Quick Start will be merged. This lets you add Quick Starts to existing pipelines, as well as the ability to stack multiple Quick Starts on a single pipeline.


When you merge a Quick Start with existing pipelines, select to replace or merge

Performance Improvements: faster speed for your ideas

We’ve made Syncari faster! The team took some time to refactor some of the most used code in the system to improve the platform’s efficiency. The results were… awesome. We achieved a 36x improvement in pipeline navigation speed. So now, navigating between pipelines is lightning fast. 

Stripe Synapse: read and write payments

One of the most frequently requested Synapses in Syncari is Stripe – a service that manages payments – and we’re excited to announce we’ve created a Stripe Synapse.

With the Stripe Synapse, you can create customers and read existing charges, along with the products and prices associated with those products. Access to Stripe data also makes it easy for you to run custom calculations for MRR and ARR, as well as adding payment information to your CRM. You can also use payment intents to accept a payment or account and charge details to anticipate which accounts need customer success intervention because of a failed card. 


With the Stripe Synapse, connect customer information to payments


Customer Success Updates

We’ve updated these articles in the Syncari Help Center:

New Articles

Minor Updates

These are some of the minor improvements we made to Syncari in February 2022:

  • Added support for the OneWorld and SuiteBilling Modules in Netsuite
  • Added the ability to optionally limit records added from supported Synapses (Salesforce, databases) using a query parameter
  • Improved the connection to Salesforce using oAuth to make connecting easier
  • The “Add To Salesforce Campaign” action now supports the use of tokens for CampaignID or ContactID If you’re using multiple instances of Syncari, we’ll now automatically load you into your default instance
  • Quick Starts now support including reference datasets in the installation
  • We now support both subscription and organization admin roles to better support our OEM customers
  • Transaction logs now have the ability to capture errors for Actions
  • Added support for Postgres Synapses where watermark fields are not present
  • Quick Starts now have the ability to auto-share for all instances in an organization

Platform Improvements

We completed some overall improvements and resolved issues in the Syncari platform. These are the highlights:

  • Fixed an issue where Quick Start installation text became unformatted
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Action was missing from library display after re-publish
  • Resolved an issue with Google Sheets Synapse where synchronization stopped
  • Fixed a UI issue that was confusing when a pipeline draft was deleted
  • Restricted sync offset to a watermark field when creating entity
  • Fixed an issue where lookup by ID did not work as expected
  • Fixed an issue with Zoho Synapse where not all contacts were queried
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