Managing a Custom Synapse in Syncari

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Rok Kovač
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After you configure your custom synapse using the Custom Synapse SDK, you're ready to upload the custom synapse to Syncari. This process involves providing basic information about the synapse, uploading the SDK files, testing the authentication, and submitting the custom synapse for review.

You can optionally share your custom synapse. Sharing publishes your custom synapse to the Synapse Library, making it available to all Syncari users, including users outside of your organization.

Importing a Custom Synapse

  1. In Syncari, navigate to Synapse Studio, and then select Custom Synapses from the Syncari library list.
  2. Click New.
    Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 9.56.03 AM.png
    The Custom Synapse wizard appears to walk you through the steps.
  3. Complete the Create synapse page. When finished click Create Custom Synapse.
    • Synapse Display Name—This is typically the name of the system that you are connecting to. It appears on the synapse in the Synapse library.
    • Synapse API Name—Syncari generates the API name based on the Synapse Display Name. You can change it, but make sure that it contains no spaces. The only special characters allowed are dashes and underscores (- _).
    • Upload files—Upload the and requirements.txt files for the synapse.
      Note: the requirements.txt file must include the syncari-sdk version, that was used to create the Custom Synapse.
    • Custom icon—Click Upload image, and then select an icon for the synapse. If you plan to share the synapse, be sure to use an approved icon for the connected system.
      Note: The creation process might take a few minutes. You can close the window and continue to work in Syncari. Syncari will show a success message when it finishes.
      If you get an error message instead, reach out to
  4. Click Next and test the authentication. What appears on the page is different depending on how you configured the authentication of the synapse.
  5. After you finish testing the authentication, click Next.
  6. On the Sharing options page, switch on Request to Share Globally to share the synapse in the global Syncari library. Click Next.
    If you don't want to share the synapse, don't toggle Request to Share Globally, and then click Next.

  7. On the Review and submit page verify the Custom Synapse's information. After you're satisfied, click Submit for review.

The custom synapse appears in the Custom Synapse library with an In review label. After it's approved, the label changes to Published. If you choose to share the Custom Synapse, toggle on Request to Share Globally

Managing Custom Synapses

Custom synapses show different labels depending on their status. what you can do with a custom synapse depends on those labels. To manage your custom synapse open the kebab menu kebab.png. See the various options available in the menu below, with descriptions of each option following.


In Review


The custom synapse is in progress and hasn't been approved yet.

The custom synapse was submitted for review and is pending approval.

The custom synapse was approved and is available in the Custom Synapse library.

custom-synapse-draft-kebab.png custom-synapse-in-review-kebab.png custom-synapse-published-kebab.png
  • Edit—Opens the the custom synapse setup wizard.
  • Share—Shares the custom synapse to the Syncari. After you click Share, select Request to Share Globally, and then click Save.
  • Submit for review—Submits the custom synapse for approval and moves it from Draft to In review.
  • Withdraw from review—Returns the custom synapse status from In review to Draft.
  • Download draft files—Downloads the draft version of your and requirements.txt files.
  • Download published files—Downloads the published version of your and requirements.txt files.
  • Download error logs—Downloads the error logs associated with the published custom synapse.

Using your Custom Synapse

Once your Custom Synapse is approved and published, click on the drop-down and select Synapse Library

Screen Shot 2024-02-21 at 8.26.53 PM.png

Your new Custom Synapse will be listed within the Synapse Library list and available to drag on to the Synapse Studio canvas for authentication and activation.


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