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The Stripe Synapse enables data synchronization between a limited set of Stripe standard objects and Syncari entities using the Stripe API. After the Synapse is Authenticated, you can Activate it, which enables Syncari to replicate the Stripe schema and make it available within the Unified Data Model.


In Stripe

1. Log into Stripe. Under Connect, click on the Connected account you want to have Syncari integrate with.


2. Once the Connected Account details are loaded, click on the Copy ID button in the top right hand corner. Save this ID for now.


3. Navigate to Developers and then API Keys. Now click Create secret key.


4. Enter a Key name and click Create.


5. Copy the key and save it in a secure location. To stay organized, Add a note to describe what this key will be used for.


NOTE: This is your only chance to copy the key! Once you click Save, the key will remain hidden.

In Syncari

1. Log into Syncari, navigate to the Synapse Studio section and drag in the Stripe Synapse from the list onto the canvas.


2. Enter a Synapse Name and paste in the Connected Account ID saved previously and click Next.


3. Paste in your previously saved API Key and click Authenticate.


4. You should see confirmation of successful authentication, click Next.


5. Click Make Synapse Active, this will connect to Stripe and download a copy of the database schema. You can review the schema in Schema Studio if you like.


6. You should see confirmation of successful activation. Click Close.


Excellent work! You are now done configuring the Stripe Synapse! If you need access to other connected accounts, you can use the above instructions to configure another Stripe Synapse.

At this stage, Syncari has only downloaded a copy of the Stripe schema, no other data is being synched yet.

Special Considerations

  • Stripe does not make update watermarks available via API, as such, we pull updates for things like Charge Succeeded, Dispute Closed, Customer Deleted via webhooks. When you configure the stripe Synapse we automatically create a webhook in Stripe to leverage for updates. Do not delete this weebhook from Stripe:

  • Payment Methods do not have create or update watermarks available via API, we pull both new payment methods and updated ones via webhook in the context of each individual customer.
  • Due to the above two limitations of the Stripe API, we recommend you schedule your Stripe sources to run once or twice daily and not the default "every 1 minute" you might be used to for other Synapses.

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