Syncing with Objects from the Netsuite SuiteBilling Module

Mike Jones
Mike Jones
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The Netsuite SuiteBilling module provides a set of objects that can be accessed by the Netsuite Synapse. The following Netsuite objects are available in the Netsuite schema and can be used in your pipelines when SuiteBilling is enabled in your Netsuite account:

  • Billing Account
  • Billing Schedule
  • Currency
  • Subscription
  • Subscription Change Order
  • Subscription Change Order Line
  • Subscription Line
  • Subscription Plan
  • Subscription Plan Line
  • Subsidiary


Limitations with syncing data from the SuiteBilling objects

The Netsuite API does not allow for an incremental sync of data from the SuiteBilling objects. Syncari will retrieve data for all records in those objects during each sync cycle. A custom sync schedule is required when configuring these Netsuite entities as sources in your pipelines. The recommended schedule for syncing data with the Netsuite SuiteBilling objects is a daily schedule. 

How to configure your sync schedule

Configuring pipelines with the Netsuite objects from the SuiteBilling module requires a custom schedule to be applied to the source node. Follow these steps to configuring your Source Nodes with a daily sync schedule. 

When configuring the source entity node in your pipeline, select Enable under Schedule. Set the Schedule to Every 1 Day and set a time of day for each sync cycle. 


That's all you need to do! Your Netsuite objects related to SuiteBilling will now sync on a daily schedule into Syncari.

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