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The Syncari API allows you to build and manage your Syncari configuration. This article will help you with creating a user for API Access. Users that are configured with API Access will not have access to login to the Syncari User Interface (app). Also, users configured with API Access will not be sent a user invitation email. 

API Credentials

A client ID and client secret are needed for creating the authentication token for use with Syncari API requests. The following will show you how to configure an API User and get those credentials.

Special notes on API Users: 
- Existing users cannot be updated to an API user. 
- An API user cannot be used to login to the Syncari app.
- The instance(s) and role assigned to an API user affect what can be updated/accessed by the API user..

First step, create a new API User in Syncari

Go to Settings > Users, then click Invite User

Configure the new user on the invite user modal

  1. Enter an Email (cannot be an existing user email), First Name and Last Name
    Note: Use an email address that is unique and not associated with an existing user.
  2. Check the API Access checkbox
  3. Select the Instance then select the Instance Permissions
    - Org Admin: Select Org Admin as the User's role if you want this API user to have access to managing all instances within your subscription. This is the role to select if you want the API User create new instances and new users within your organization.
    Note, you only need to assign the API user as Org Admin of one instance in order to set the API User as the Org Admin of all instances. 
    If you are using the Syncari API to create new instances within your subscription the user role for that user should be set to Org Admin. 
    - Instance Admin: Set the role as Instance Admin for each individual instance to provide the API user the ability to manage/update individual Syncari instances. If you want to generate credentials for each individual Syncari instance, create an new API User for each instance that you want to manage via the API.

  4. Click Send Invite (note that you will not receive an email after clicking this button. See the next screen to get your API Credentials)

Copy and save your credentials

The Client ID and Client Secret will be presented to you after clicking Send Invite. Click the Copy icon to copy both values. Make sure to save your credentials in a safe place as you will not be able to access them after closing this modal. You can delete and recreate the API Access user if you lose your credentials or need to prevent the use of compromised credentials. 

You now have the API Credentials that will be used to retrieve an Oauth token for your Syncari API requests. 

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