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Brandon Lee
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Syncari Data Store is a feature that makes your Syncari data available via a standard PostgreSQL database connection. You should be able to connect any database tool to your data store once it is provisioned.

If you have trouble connecting to your data store it may be necessary for us to whitelist the IP you will be connecting from. Please open a ticket here in the Help Center to make this request.

This article will cover specifically how to connect Google Data Studio to your Data Store

Find your Syncari Data Store Connection Information

  1. Click the settings icon in the bottom left corner of Syncari
  2. Click Data Store
  3. You will copy the values from these boxes when setting up Google Data Studio
  4. Click this eye icon to reveal your password when needed


Set up a new Data Source in Google Data Studio

Once you have your connection information available on one tab you can open another browser tab and navigate to The following screens are subject to change at Google's discretion. If you see a discrepancy please notify us so we can update our article.

  1. From Data Studio, click the Create button
  2. Then click Data source


  1. Now search for the PostgreSQL connector
  2. Then click it


Now you will provide all of the connection details...

  1. Give your Data Source a name
  2. Copy and paste all of the connection details from the Syncari tab you kept in the previous section
  3. Click Authenticate
  4. To select data from your Syncari Data Store you will use the Custom Query option
  5. Enter your query (be sure to prefix your table references with the database name like dbname.tablename)
  6. Click Connect


This will take your configured data source. At this point your expertise of Google Data Studio takes over.

  1. Most of the time we see users create a report or explore as a next step.


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