Release Notes for Syncari (December 2021)

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These are the release notes for Syncari features introduced in December 2021. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New features

Each month, we highlight newly released features. 

Here’s the list for this month:

  • Custom Actions
  • Pipeline Visibility
  • New Quick Starts

Custom Actions: call APIs from any pipeline

We’re excited to introduce the ability to call web-based APIs from a Custom Action that you define for your pipelines. Custom Actions let you send a command along with authentication to an API, letting you receive and include that response in your business logic.


A simple Custom Action to call email validation


Once published, add the Custom Action to your pipeline

The possibilities are endless! Validate an email or a mailing address, add a lead to a campaign, add a contact to an Outreach sequence, or update an Asana project; it’s up to you. Custom Actions are the first example of adding more flexibility to Syncari that unlocks integration with even more systems.


Pipeline Visibility: highlighting the details behind every sync

Once published, our pipelines do a lot of work behind the scenes. To improve transparency and deliver deep insight into recent pipeline activity, we’ve introduced new pipeline visibility features.


Detailed records of what happened during the last sync

This means you are better able to understand how many records ran in the last sync and how long it took. Pipeline Visibility also helps you identify any pipelines that are paused or in an error state.


Quick Starts: account deduping and lead deduping in Salesforce

We’re just getting started with the Quick Start capability we introduced last month. If you need a refresher, we made it easy to start building your Syncari pipelines to solve common business use cases like deduping, data standardization, lead enrichment, lead routing, and lead-to-account matching with a one-click install process.


We’re adding to the Quick Start library

This month, we released account deduping and lead deduping Quick Starts in Salesforce. Make it easier on yourself to consolidate leads and accounts with this Quick Start.

Minor Updates

These are some of the minor improvements we made to Syncari in December 2021:

  • Added a double field data type 
  • Support the Partner and Deal Registration objects in Oracle PRM
  • Updated the Split function to allow a space character as a delimiter
  • Improved the filter for following node operators using the data type of the previous node

Platform Improvements

We completed some overall improvements and resolved issues in the Syncari platform. These are the highlights:

  • Fixed issues in the Create Syncari Record and Update Syncari Record functions with tokens in the token picker list and a missing token picker on certain fields
  • Fixed an issue where blank conditions in a filter could not be deleted 
  • Fixed an issue where the CRON schedule was not converting to UTC time
  • Added the ability for hidden entities to show in a sync error report
  • Fixed an issue with a HubSpot engagement record not being created correctly from a Salesloft call record
  • Improved performance for pipeline fragment loading and overall load time on the Synapse page
  • Fixed an issue with an Oracle schema that did not load reference fields automatically
  • Fixed an issue with running a live test on the Campaign entity
  • Fixed an issue with adding values to a multivalued field where the data was concatenated instead of being delimited
  • Fixed counts on the transaction screen showing an incorrect number of transactions
  • Fixed an issue with the transaction log where a data type was listed incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with Add To Campaign function when used in non-lead or contact pipeline
  • Fixed an issue with a sync from Airtable
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