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Reza Farpour
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Syncari allows you infinite freedom and flexibility when designing and creating pipelines for your data. Sometimes though, you might rather use the "easy button" and install a pre-built solution. Quick Starts makes this possible!


Quick Start Library

Syncari will be managing and maintaining a library of Quick Starts for you to leverage. These Quick Starts are use-case specific and will include all the Entity and Field pipeline configurations necessary.

Just find the solution you want to install from our Quick Starts Library and in a few clicks, you'll be on your way.


But wait, we're not done yet! Have you ever built a solution in your Syncari Sandbox environment and wished there was an easy way to transfer it to Production? Gone are the days of duplication of build effort.

Pipeline Migration

You'll now have the ability to quickly create a Quick Start from a tested solution in your Sandbox, share it with Production and install it with our easy to follow guided path.

Quick Start Elements

When creating a Quick Start, here are some of the elements you can expect to be carried over along with it:

Entity Pipelines

  • Source / Destination nodes
  • Merge Rules
  • Pipeline Functions
  • Pipeline Actions (excluding custom actions)

Field Pipelines

  • Source / Destination nodes
  • Data authority rules
  • Field Pipeline Functions
  • Field Pipeline Actions (excluding custom actions)

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