Release Notes for Syncari (October 2021)

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These are the release notes for Syncari features introduced in October 2021. If you have any questions about these items, please contact customer support.

New features

Each month, we highlight newly released features.



Quick Starts: Get ready to add Quick Starts to your Syncari instance

Great news! We introduced a major new feature called Quick Starts, which enable you to author or install fully-built Syncari pipelines into a Syncari instance. 


Quick Starts are the best way to add proven RevOps functionality to your Syncari instance with predefined best practices that connect your systems and deliver results. Quick Starts lead you through the whole process from configuration, building pipelines, and connecting any required systems to get your Syncari instance set up successfully. They are not just templates; you can build your own with our no-code platform!


Use Quick Starts for:

  • Configuring lead-to-account mapping with Marketo and Salesforce
  • Enriching accounts in Salesforce
  • Improving lead routing in HubSpot
  • ...and more

In the coming months, we'll be working with partners and Syncari developers to deliver Quick Starts to you. 

Zuora: Introducing the Zuora Synapse

Zuora is a leader in quote-to-cash and subscription management software. We now support Zuora as a Syncari Synapse, and integrate standard objects like accounts, contacts, invoices, usage data, products, bill runs, and subscriptions.

Syncari Academy (Syncari 101 for new users)

We've created Syncari 101, the first in a series of programs to help you learn the basics of Syncari. With this course, you'll learn core concepts, how to connect synapses, the power of unification, and how to build data management and automate workflows with pipelines..

DynamoDB: Generic schema definition for external objects in Sync Studio

We now support a custom object definition in Sync Studio for dynamodb – a NoSQL key-value database – letting you define not only fields in existing entities but also the ability to map generic objects in your external systems to Syncari.


Minor improvements

These are some of the minor improvements we made to Syncari in October 2021.

  • We improved our HubSpot Synapse to handle deletes from merged company, person, and deal records.
  • We updated the Snowflake Synapse to support foreign key references.
  • Our Salesloft Synapse now supports custom field types.
  • The Marketo Synapse now has an action to modify Marketo Program Status.
  • In our Netsuite Synapse, we added support for attachments.
  • We added an ability to search subscriptions for Syncari partners with multiple subscriptions and instances.


Overall improvements

We completed some overall improvements and resolved issues in the Syncari platform. These are the highlights:

  • Added support for composite keys of ID fields for Synapses
  • Added support for schemaless/columnar databases; our first is dynamodb
  • Completed some transaction log improvements and improved log presentation
  • Improved inline help presentation so it's easier to see how to get help
  • Syncari now supports multi-value list operation functions
  • Changed the navigation in Data Studio so your choices persist
  • Standard document objects now available
  • Resolved an issue in the Salesforce Synapse for multi-value fields where the values were not stored in the expected data type
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