Using the Decision Function on Incoming Changes

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Mike Jones
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Create logical record flow through your pipeline with a Decision function. Check out how to configure a Decision function if you're new to filtering in Syncari. This article helps you understand how to use the Incoming Change condition to filter records if Syncari identifies that the record will be either Inserted (Created) or Updated.

How the Incoming Change condition works depends on where you use the Decision function within your pipeline.

  • When you use it on the source side of the pipeline (before the Syncari node), the Incoming Change describes what will occur when the record enters Syncari. 
  • When used on the destination side of the pipeline (after the Syncari node and before the destination synapse), the Incoming Change condition describes what occurs when the record reaches the destination synapse.

To configure an Incoming Change Decision:

  1. Drag a Decision filter to the canvas and connect it to the node you’re filtering.

    1. Configure the node using either of these options:

      • Double-click the mode.

      • Click Configure Node in the right panel.

  2. Select Incoming Change from the left side of the condition.


  3. Select the operator for the condition.


  4. On the right side of the condition, enter one of these values:

    • insert—Use this value to filter records that will be inserted (created) in Syncari or at the destination synapse.

    • update—Use this value to filter records that will be updated in Syncari or at the destination synapse.

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