Viewing Merge and Merge (Report Only) Transactions

Mike Jones
Mike Jones
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Merge transactions generated by Merge Studio will display on the Transactions page. This document will help you understand how to review the transactions that are generated for live merges and merge transactions generated with the Merge Studio "Report Only" option is enabled. 


Viewing Merge Transactions

Filter the transactions to view all Merge or Merge (Report Only) transactions.

  1. Go to the Transactions page in Syncari.
  2. Select the Entity with Merge Studio enabled
  3. Select the operation labeled Merge or Merge (Report Only)
  4. Click Apply
    Optional, set a customized date range to find transactions within a specific timeframe. The default date range is the last 7 days. 


From this view you can review individual transactions by clicking the link under the "Changes" column on each transaction record.

  1. Click the link for "2 Losers" (or N Losers for transactions with N number of losing records) 
  2. The merge transaction details will display with information on the Winning Record and Losing Record(s).


You also have the option to export all Merge or Merge (Report Only) transactions. The Export button will only display when you have filtered the Transactions for an individual entity and selected Merge or Merge (Report Only). Click the export button to download a CSV file that will include all winning and losing records that were merged. 


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