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Reza Farpour
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The Gainsight CS NXT synapse enables data synchronization between Gainsight CS NXT objects and Syncari entities. Using sync studio, you can map Gainsight CS NXT objects to Syncari entities.

Synapse Capabilities:


1. Login to Gainsight and navigate to Settings > Administration > Integrations > Connectors 2.0.


2. If you don't already have a Gainsight API connection available, go ahead and click Create Connection and follow the prompts.


3. In my case, I already have one ready for use, so I'll use the kebab menu and click edit connection.


4. There are two items we need to grab, the Gainsight API Access Key and the Endpoint URL.


NOTE: The endpoint URL and Access Key are unique to your environment, do not use what's pictured.

5. Switch over to Syncari, navigate to the Synapses area, then drag and drop the Gainsight CS NXT Synapse onto the canvas.


6. The Synapse configuration modal will open. Enter a Synapse Name, the Endpoint URL we grabbed earlier and click Next.


7. Enter the Access Key we grabbed earlier into API Key and click Authenticate.


8. You should receive confirmation of successful authentication. Now click Next.


9. Click on Make Synapse Active.


10. You should see confirmation of successful activation, let's Close this modal and return to the canvas.


Congratulations! You have now successfully configured your Gainsight CS NXT Synapse.


Syncari will grab and store a copy of the Gainsight schema, go ahead, hop over to Schema Studio to check it out.

Default Mappings

Should you choose to Activate and Create Pipelines, the following default mappings will be created:

Download as CSV.

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