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You can't always hard-code values when dealing with data and building conditional logic. You'll want to use tokens when you need to define logic with a variable.

Tokens can be used in functions like Filters, Set Value, Lookups, and more. They can also be used in actions like Send Slack Message, Send Email, and more.

NOTE: The list of available tokens in the Token Picker will vary depending on the node's location.

Let's check out the Token Picker. It's the quickest and easiest way to start using tokens!

Token Picker Scenario

Not all Synapses have a Full Name field. In this example, we will concatenate First Name and Last Name into a Full Name.

First, let's drag a Set Value node onto the canvas of the Full Name field pipeline. Let's connect the node between the source and the Syncari field in which you want the new value stored.

Double-click the Set Value node to configure it. You'll be presented with the Configure Set Value modal.


Enter a Node Label, add a Description, so it's clear what the purpose of this node is, and select Text as the Data Type.


Onto the fun stuff! Click on Insert Token, either scroll through the available tokens or type the field name you are looking for, then select the First Name token.


A token has automatically been constructed in the New Value box. Now you can find and insert the Last Name token.


NOTE: Make sure to add a space between the First Name and Last Name tokens.

You should now see both the First Name and Last Name tokens in the New Value box. Click Save.


Great job! Remember to validate and test your pipeline before publishing!

Now every record that flows into Syncari will have its First Name and Last Name concatenated into the Full Name field.

You'll find Insert Token functionality on many configuration modals in the product. You can use the information in the above example to accomplish your desired outcomes.


NOTE: You can edit the existing tokens by double clicking the token.

Not all tokens are available in the token picker. Navigate to Using Tokens Like a Pro for additional tokens you can use.

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