How is Data Fitness Calculated?

Reza Farpour
Reza Farpour
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  • DQS: Data Quality Studio
  • DFI: Data Fitness Index
  • DFR: Data Fitness Rule

Once you've spent some time learning how to navigate Data Quality Studio and Data Fitness Rules, you'll likely ask yourself, how is Data Fitness actually calculated?

When does it happen?

We evaluate data fitness in real-time as new records and updates flow into Syncari from your sources. If/when you make any changes to your Data Fitness Rules, you'll notice a rules draft gets created. Once the draft is published, Syncari will re-run evaluation on all records to ensure Data Fitness is up to date.

When editing rules, we recommend you make all your anticipated changes first, then publish them. This will save you time as re-running the rule on the entire data set can be expensive and time consuming.

If you make any mistakes in your rules, it's OK, this data is contained within Syncari and you can revise your rules at any time.

Rule Score Impact

When creating your DFRs, you'll decide what "impact" each rule failure would have on the score of the field being evaluated.

  • A pass is considered to be a perfect score of mceclip1.png.
  • A low impact failure results in a score of mceclip0.png.
  • A medium impact failure results in a score of mceclip2.png.
  • A high impact failure results in a score of mceclip4.png.

Field Level Data Fitness

One record at a time, Syncari will evaluate every field against rules that target them. If a field has two rules that apply to it, Syncari evaluates each rule against the same field, then averages the two scores.

Record Level Data Fitness

Once every field has been evaluated for a single record, Syncari will average every field level score to give us the record level DFI. This is carried out for every record.

The record level DFI can be seen in the Data Studio grid. If you don't see the record level DFI column, you can add it and place it on the grid where you can easily see it.


Entity Level Data Fitness

The next step would be to average all record level scores from the same entity together, which gives us the Entity Data Fitness score. The entity level DFI can be seen on the Entity DQS Dashboard.


Overall Data Fitness

Once we have every entity level DFI, we will average them into your Overall DFI which you can see illustrated on your main DQS dashboard.


And there you have it!

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