Managing Data Fitness Rules

Reza Farpour
Reza Farpour
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Syncari provides a default set of Data Fitness Rules which apply to the Account, Contact and Lead entities. Any additional rules for other entities will need to be created manually.

In this article, you'll learn how to edit and manage your Data Fitness Rules.


  • Data Quality Studio Overview
  • Using Entity Specific Dashboards in Data Quality Studio


  • DQS: Data Quality Studio
  • DFI: Data Fitness Index
  • DFR: Data Fitness Rule

Navigation Path

Once you've seen and understood your Overall DFI, and checked out the entity level DQS dashboards, you may want to make changes to the DFI rules. Here's how:

Navigate to DQS and use the top left dropdown to select the entity you want to modify DFI rules for.


You'll now see the entity specific dashboard. Click Manage Rules.


Once presented with the rules management modal, you can carry out a variety of actions.


Note: Each entity has it's own set of rules. The rules are configured at the entity level.

Viewing Rule Details / Editing a Rule

Simply click the rule in question.


You'll then be presented with the rule editor modal.


The main construct of a DFR contains:

  • Rule name: The friendly name of the rule. 
  • Target fields: The list of fields the rule applies to.
  • Conditions: Syncari has many rule conditions for you to chose from. You can also add multiple conditions per rule.
  • Impact: How high the impact of a failure for the rule should be, high, medium or low.

Should you Save any changes, Syncari will create a rules draft which needs to be published before the changes are applied.


Your data's DFI begin to update once the rule changes are published. Remember to refresh!

Disable an Existing Rule

You can disable a rule all together. Once your disabled rule draft is published, a recalculation of DFI will trigger.

To disable a rule, click the Vertical Ellipsis button for the rule in question, then click Disable.


Delete an Existing Rule

Although we recommend you disable rules you don't need, you can also delete them permanently.

To delete a rule, click the Vertical Ellipsis button for the rule in question, then click Delete.


Create a New Rule

In this example, let's create a rule that checks the State field for string length. We will allow a pass if the State field has a 2 character value and fail it if it does not. Here's how.

Click New.


Enter a Rule name and add the State/Province field.


From the list of Conditions, pick Within string length range.


Set the string range to 2 to 2  and set Increase Score to If True


Pick the appropriate impact in the case a record's value fails to pass the rule. I'm going to choose Medium impact.


Now click Create and don't forget to publish once you're ready for the changes to take affect.

What's Next:

  • Data Fitness Rule Conditions Glossary
  • How is Data Fitness Index Calculated
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