Using Entity Specific Dashboards in Data Quality Studio

Reza Farpour
Reza Farpour
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This article will show you how to drill down into entity level fitness data.



  • DQS: Data Quality Studio
  • DFI: Data Fitness Index

Navigation Path

Once you've seen and understood your Overall DFI, you'll likely want to drill down into the problem entities to see the fields causing the low entity DFI. Here's how:

Navigate to DQS and use the top left dropdown to select the entity you want to drill-down into.


You'll now see the entity specific dashboard.mceclip5.png

Similar to the main Dashboard, you'll see a Data Fitness Over Time widget.mceclip2.png

Now onto the interesting stuff! Look at the field level DFI for this entity.


In the above example, Email and First Name are scoring really well but Postal Code is not. What should you do about this? First, ask yourself, is Contact Postal Code something you and your business care about?

If you do consider Postal Code to be necessary data to collect, then you should investigate ways to ensure this data is either collected or enriched at some point in the data path.

If you do not consider Postal Code to be necessary for your business, then you should edit your DFI rules to not penalize your Entities DFI for lacking data you don't deem necessary.

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