Data Quality Studio Overview

Reza Farpour
Reza Farpour
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This article will provide a high level overview of the Data Quality Studio in Syncari.



  • DQS: Data Quality Studio
  • DFI: Data Fitness Index

Navigation Path

  • Syncari Sidebar > Data Quality Studio


If you need a quick and easy way to determine the current state of your overall data quality, you've come to the right place! Data Quality Studio is able to score your data's "fitness" based on our pre-configured rules or your own custom ones. You'll also find tips on where you need to focus in order to improve your DFI.

Out of the box, we have included the following rules:

  • Has correct email format
  • Has value
  • Is camel cased
  • Is formatted phone

The above rules are applied to a variety of entities and fields as appropriate for the rule at hand. You can see the full list when managing rules in Syncari.

The Data Quality Studio dashboard consists of several widgets which you'll see described below.

Overall Data Fitness Index


The Overall Data Fitness Index widget displays the average of all your published entity's Data Fitness. In the example above, the Overall DFI is 65 out of the potential score of 100.

Note: This widget updates in real-time as data flows into Syncari from your source Synapses.

Data Fitness Over Time


The Data Fitness Over Time widget provides a four week rolling window which you can use to see your data fitness trends. You can see if your data fitness has gotten worse, better or plateaued.

Note: This widget updates once nightly. A date range picker will be added in the near future.

Entity Data Quality Breakdown


The Entity Data Quality Breakdown widget is your Overall DFI broken down by all published entities. 

Note: Hover over each entity for the detail.

Improvement Opportunities


What's the use of all this data if you can't decide what action to take based on the results? The Improvement Opportunities widget gives you the insight you need to take action and improve your Data Fitness.

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