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The Pardot Synapse enables data synchronization between Pardot standard objects and Syncari entities using the Pardot API. After the Synapse is Authenticated, a user can Activate the Pardot Synapse, which enables Syncari to replicate the schema of Pardot and make it available within the Unified Data Model. Using the Sync Studio, a user can map Pardot objects to Syncari entities, and Pardot fields to Syncari fields. 

If your Pardot security requires you to whitelist an IP you can find that here.


Pardot Setup 

You will need the following information from your Salesforce account:

  • Salesforce User Credentials for a User that has admin privileges and also has Single Sign On (SSO) enabled with Pardot. You will need the Username, Password, User's Timezone and Personal Token for this User. 
  • The Pardot Business ID. This is located in Salesforce under, Setup > Platform Tools > Pardot > Pardot Account Setup

  • In Salesforce, Create a Connected App that has Pardot API Access (if there isn’t one already created). 

    Go to Setup > Apps > App Manager. Click “New Connected App”.

      1. Enter a Name and Contact Email for the new Connected App
      2. Enable the "Enable OAuth Settings" checkbox.
      3. Set the Callback URL to
      4. Select the OAuth Scope, Manage Pardot services (pardot_api)
      5. Enable the, Require Secret for Web Server Flow, checkbox.
      6. There is no need to configure any other items on the Connected App. Click Save. 
    • Once the Connected App is created, copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. keysecret.jpg


Synapse Setup

Step 1: Start by logging in to your Syncari subscription

  1. Navigate to Synapses
  2. Find Pardot in the Synapse Library
  3. Drag the Pardot Synapse to the canvas


Step 2: Configure your Synapse parameters

  1. Enter [Synapse Name]
  2. Enter [Pardot Business ID]
  3. Enter [Pardot User's Timezone ID]
    - The format for the values Timezone can be found under the TZ Database Name values here:
    For example, America/Los_Angeles
  4. Click Next



Step 3: Define your authentication parameters

  1. Enter [Username]
  2. Enter [Password][Salesforce Personal Token]Note: The password field should be set as the user password and the Salesforce personal token for the user. Do NOT use any spaces or additional characters between the password and token.
  3. Enter [Customer Key]This is the Customer Key for your Connected App in Salesforce.
  4. Enter [Customer Secret]This is the Customer Secret for the Connected App in Salesforce.


Your Salesforce Personal Token is generated and sent to you via email when you created the username and password. If you cannot find your Salesforce Personal Token, you can generate a new Token in Salesforce. Note: If you are using these credentials for other API integrations, resetting the Token will break those existing integrations.



Step 4: Authenticate your Synapse:

  1. Click "Save and authenticate"
  2. Click "Next"


Step 5: Activate your Synapse

  1. Click "Make Synapse Active"
  2. Click "Close"


Congratulations! You have completed the setup of Pardot. 

If you receive any errors message after clicking Authenticate, confirm each of the parameters in the previous steps are configured properly. If the error persists, contact one of our Onboarding and Support team members.



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