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What should I do if I change the Folder ID?

After you change the folder ID for the Synapse, be sure to manually refresh the schema. If you don't, Syncari will pull records from the previous sheet and won't find new records in the updated sheet.

To manually refresh the schema:

  1. Navigate to the entity in Schema Studio.
  2. Click the kebab menu next to Schema Sync, and select Refresh Schema.



How do I prevent importing scientific notation number formatting from Excel into Google Sheets?

Excel has automatic formatting that can convert long (international) phone numbers into scientific notation, (example: 4.1345E+12). This can cause data loss with phone numbers. This solution is useful for avoiding a formatting issue with Phone Number data when copying values from Excel into Google Sheets. 

You can avoid copying the scientific notation format from Excel by importing your .xls/.xlsx file directly into Google Sheets. Importing the Excel file will help ensure the full phone number values are retained, and that no data is stripped out of the phone number value. Follow the steps below to import an Excel file into Google Sheets. 
1. Create a new Google Sheet and go to File > Import.


2. Select the Excel file to import. 


3. Select the Replace Sheet option. This is ok to do if you're beginning the import from a blank Google Sheet. 


4. The imported sheet should display the phone numbers as full number values instead of the scientific notation formatting from Excel.

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