Creating Fields in Sync Studio

Mike Jones
Mike Jones
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Syncari provides a set of default fields within your Syncari entities for use with your field pipelines. Creating fields in your entities can be done by one of two methods. You can create fields within Schema Studio or within Sync Studio. This article will cover how to create fields within Sync Studio. Creating new fields in Sync Studio will help you create one or more fields in your Syncari entity from fields that are a part of your connected synapse entity. 

You must have an activated synapse and include that synapse as a source within your entity pipeline to create new fields from that synapse using Sync Studio. Typically, you will use this method to create a new entity field from an existing synapse.

➡️ To create fields in Sync Studio:

  1. Open an entity pipeline.
  2. Click the Synapse Entities tab.
  3. In the Synapse Entities list, click the Gear button icon-gear.png
  4. In the Unmapped Fields in Synapse screen, select the fields to create, and the click Create Selected.
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