Round Robin Lead Assignment

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Assigning your Leads to Owners using a Round Robin process is possible with Syncari. This article uses Salesforce as an example CRM. It is possible to apply the same concepts to another synapse if needed.

Configuration Steps

Create these custom fields on the Salesforce User object and map them to the User entity in Syncari. You can keep these fields in Syncari and not map them with the User object in Salesforce. Maintaining the fields in Syncari only will require you to manage the updates to the fields using Data Studio:

  • Field Name: Round Robin
    Field Type: Checkbox (True/False)
    This field will be used to indicate that the User is associated with the Round Robin process. It
    can also be configured as a text field with the value set to a group name. This is useful if multiple groups of Users will apply to different Round Robin assignment rules. 
  • Field Name: Last Assigned At
    Field Type: DateTime
    This field will be used to hold the last time the User was assigned a Lead. Set the field values for all Users with a default Date/Time ex.

Determine the attribute or criteria that will be used to filter the Lead through the Round Robin process. For example, you may decide that Leads will run through round robin assignment when the Lead Status equals New. The criteria used with the filter will depend on your business process. 

Set up the Round Robin on the Lead Owner ID field pipeline. In this example, we use the Lead Status field to determine if the Lead will run through the Round Robin assignment. 


To set up the round robin lead assignment:

  1. Configure the Decision node to check the condition used to determine if the Lead needs to be reassigned via the Round Robin process. The If False path will bypass the round robin.
    Remember that the filter condition should evaluate as False after the Lead is assigned. You will need to configure your pipelines or have a process to update the attributes used in the condition to prevent your Lead from running through Round Robin after it is assigned to an Owner. For example, if Lead Status = New will allow the Lead to be assigned to an Owner via round robin, ensure the Lead Status is changed after the Lead assignment.
  2. Configure the Lookup Syncari Record node to look up the next available User in the Round Robin process for Lead assignment. The criteria on the function will search for Users associated with the round robin rule. In this example, the criteria should be set to use the Round Robin field Equals true. Sort the results by the Last Assigned At field and set the direction to Ascending.
  3. Configure the Set Value node to set the new Owner ID on the Lead. Set the data type to Text and use this token as the new value: {{}} 
  4. Configure the Update Syncari Record node to update the Date/Time field on the User entity to a current timestamp. Set up the search condition as User ID equals {{}} Use this token as the new date/time value for the Last Assigned At field:  before 0 seconds

Note: for more details on the above relative date statement, see Using Tokens Like a Pro.

Congratulations! You have configured your Round Robin assignment rule using Syncari. Variations to this workflow can be applied to fit your specific use case. The concepts in this article will help get you started. Contact Us if you have any questions. 

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