Creating Entities in Sync Studio

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Syncari provides a default unified data model that can be used for most synapses. This unified data model includes Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and more. Using the default unified data model helps you get started quickly with Syncari. We recommend using the default unified data model with your connected Synapses as often as possible.

But Syncari can handle more than just CRM, marketing, sales, and success data. As you connect more synapses, you'll access more objects in those systems that you might want to add to the Syncari unified data model. To do that, you need to create an entity in Syncari.

Before you can create a new entity in Sync studio, you should connect and activate a synapse with the corresponding data.

➡️ To create entities:

  1. Open Sync Studio.
  2. In the Synapses list, click the Gear button icon-gear.png
  3. Select an object in the synapse to create your entity from.
  4. Click Create Entity.

Syncari shows the new entity on the canvas. If there are other objects, either standard or custom objects already defined with the Syncari unified data model, the existing relationships between those objects and the custom object are maintained.


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