Using Schema Studio

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Using Schema Studio

When you navigate to Schema Studio, the platform automatically displays the Syncari Synapse and the Entities that comprise the unified data model. Within the Syncari Synapse, there are several capabilities you can use to manage the schema of the unified data model and customize it to your specific needs:

  1. Click to select an Entity within the Syncari Synapse
  2. Click this button to Create a Draft for this Entity
  3. Click this button to Create a New Entity

Working with the Syncari Synapse

Working with the Syncari Synapse you can create a New Entity within the Syncari unified data model. You can get started by clicking the New Entity button:

  1. Define the Display Name for the New Entity
  2. Define the API Name for the New Entity
  3. Define the Description for the New Entity
  4. Click "Create"

To Edit existing Entities and/or Create new fields within existing Entities, you must create a Draft for your selected Entity. Select an Entity and click the kabob to Create a draft:


Once you create a Draft, you can choose Edit Entity or click the Fields button to Create or Edit Fields within that Entity.

  1. Use this menu to select an Entity or toggle between a Draft and Published version of this Entity
  2. Click this button to create a New Field
  3. Select an existing field to view the field settings
  4. Click this button to Edit Field settings for the selected Field
  5. Click this button to Publish the Draft for this Entity

What's Next?

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Check out this next article to understand Using Schema Sync.

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