Using the Decision Function

Mike Jones
Mike Jones
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The Decision function creates branches in your Entity pipeline or Field pipeline. You can use the Decision function to set up multiple data normalization and enrichment conditions. For each Decision, include one or more True or False nodes.


To set up a Decision function:

  1. In your draft pipeline, drag the Decision function to the canvas and connect a node.

  2. Configure the node using either of these options:

    • Double-click the mode.

    • Click Configure Node in the right panel.

  3. In Display label, enter a name for the Decision and provide an optional Description to explain the criteria of the Decision.



  4. In Evaluates to True if ? create a condition that results in what you expect to be true.
    The fields in the condition list are Syncari fields and fields related to the source entity. You can configure conditions with AND / OR operators for advanced logic. The lefthand side dropdown list will display options based on the incoming connection to the Decision node. Make sure you connect an incoming connection to the Decision node so that you get all available options on the lefthand side drop down. 


  5. Click Save.

  6. On the canvas, connect the Decision node to another node.


    Notice that Syncari made the connector a True connection automatically. If you want to make the connector False, click the True label and select False.



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