Pipeline Statuses

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Pipelines in Sync Studio can be in any one or more of these statuses:

Unmapped Status

If you Created Pipelines Manually, all entity pipelines begin in an Unmapped status. Unmapped means that no fields are mapped to the Syncari entity. 

When you select an entity pipeline that is Unmapped, Sync Studio automatically creates a draft of the entity pipeline, putting the entity pipeline into Draft status. However, your field pipelines will remain in an Unmapped status until you configure field pipelines. 

  1. This entity pipeline is in Draft status. The draft was automatically created when you accessed the entity pipeline.
  2. These field pipelines are in an Unmapped status. See About Field Pipelines for more information.

Draft Status

If you choose to Create Pipelines Automatically, some of your entity pipelines begin in a Draft status based on the default configuration for the synapse.

When you select an entity pipeline in a draft state, some field pipelines may be Unmapped and others in Draft status. This is based on the default configuration for the connected synapse.

  1. This entity pipeline is in Draft status.
  2. Yellow highlighted field pipelines are in Draft status.
  3. Field pipelines with no highlight and this icon are Unmapped.

Published Status

After you publish an entity pipeline, it enters the Published status, and your pipelines will begin syncing data.

Published pipelines show the following details about the pipeline:

  1. While Draft pipelines are highlighted in yellow, published pipelines have no highlight. If a Draft pipeline is available, you can open it from here.
  2. The field pipeline is Published.
  3. This field pipeline is Unmapped. 

Note: You should always test your pipelines before publishing. Review this article to learn more about Testing Pipelines.

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