Marketo Capabilities

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With native sync on you can get
  • leads(r/w), programs(read/partial w), program membership(read/create), static lists(read/write), list members(read/write), activities(read), and request a campaign
Without native sync you get all the above + company(r/w), opportunity(read/write)Marketo native sync itself does the following
  • leads <-> contacts (we can do this)
  • accounts <-> companies (we can do this if native sync was not on, cannot do this if native sync was ever on and now off)
  • oppty <-> oppty (same as companies)
  • program <-> campaign (we can do this regardless of native sync)
  • program members <->campaign members (we can do this regardless of native sync, but cannot update program member status in Mkto. That is, its mostly a mkto-> sfdc sync)
Mkto also supports convert to lead and create task as flow actions, and we can do them regardless of native sync
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