Relationships and Statuses

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The relationships and statuses of the various entities are visible within Sync Studio. When you select an entity, Sync Studio changes the view. Review this image for information about Sync Studio's selected entity features:


  1. The lines define the relationships between entity pipelines. For example, this Account entity includes reference fields for Activity, Opportunity, Lead, User, Ticket, and Contact.
  2. The selected entity panel includes three collapsible sections. The first one, Actions, groups the operations that you can perform on the entity.  
  3. Edit Pipeline access the entity pipeline.
  4. Manage Field Map opens the field mapper for the selected entity.
  5. The Sync Status section shows where the entity pipeline is in the sync cycle and lists the sources and destinations in the pipeline.
  6. The Data Fitness Index section summarizes data fitness information from Data Quality Studio.
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