Navigating Data Studio

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Navigating Data Studio

Data Studio provides you with visibility and interactivity with the data within your Syncari unified data model. After you have completed Publishing Pipelines and the Sync Cycle has started, you can use Data Studio to explore and interact with your data.



After Publishing Pipelines, selecting an Entity within Data Studio will enable you to take advantage of a variety capabilities. There are several ways you can interact with the data within Data Studio.

Navigate to Data Studio and familiarize yourself with the relevant features:


  1. Click this menu to access "Data Studio"
  2. This menu provides a list of Published Entities
  3. This feature enables you to Filter Data in Data Studio
  4. This provides you with the Data Fitness Index and Record Count for the selected Entity
  5. These buttons enable you to "Download" the current Dataset and configure "Field Visibility"
  6. Hover over the ID Mapping icon to display the IDs of the records that are unified in this Entity
  7. You can select a Record within the Dataset in Data Studio
  8. Click this button to "Edit" the selected Record
  9. Use this page navigation to view more records and move forward or back within the Dataset

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