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Syncari keeps you informed about important information occurring in the app. We use multiple channels to be sure you’re up-to-date whether you’re in Syncari or not. Those channels include:

  • In-app notifications—Show activity and error notifications related to pipelines, sync, validation, and testing. In-app notifications appear when you click the Notifications bell-icon.png icon at the application's top. The Notification icon keeps a count of unread notifications.
    You can learn more about in-app notifications in this article.

  • Email notifications—Notify configured email recipients about pipeline, sync, and synapse errors. Syncari can send notifications to individual emails or groups. 
    Learn how to configure and work with email notifications in Email Error Notifications.

  • Webhook notifications—Sends webhooks to a configured endpoint about, sync, and synapse errors. Use the webhooks to integrate with Syncari’s error notifications.
    Learn how to configure and work with webhook notifications in Webhook Notifications.

In-app Notifications

In-app notifications provide detailed information about events that occur in Syncari. The events are categorized as Information, Announcements, Warnings, or Errors. Events that can trigger a notification include the following list and more.

  • Errors
  • Pipeline events like publishing, deleting, resyncing, pausing, etc.
  • Schema refresh
  • Test completion

When you get a notification, the Notifications icon shows a numbered badge that tells you how many unread notifications you have.

Viewing In-app Notifications

Notifications include summaries and detailed information. We’ll cover how to view both here.

➡️ To view notifications: 

  1. Click the Notifications bell-icon.png icon.
  2. Review the Notifications panel. Each notification type gets a color: Information is blue, Warnings are Yellow, and Errors are red.
    See the screenshot for what you can do in the Notifications panel. 
    1. The top Checkmark icon icon-check.png marks all notifications Read, while the icon-check.png on the individual notification marks only the selected notification Read. Marking the notifications Read updates the counter on the Notifications bell-icon.png icon. 
    2. Closes the Notifications panel.
    3. Archives the selected notification.
    4. Takes you to the Notifications page, where you can see detailed information and manage your notifications.

Managing In-app Notifications

Use the Notifications page to view detailed information, filter your view, and archive notifications. It shows all read or unread notifications that have not been archived. You can do several activities on this page. See the screenshot below for details.


  1. Filter the types of notifications. You can select from Info, Warning, Error, and Announcement.
  2. Filter by the date of the notification.
  3. Marks all notifications Read and resets the counter on the Notifications bell-icon.png icon.
  4. Archive all notifications.  
  5. Hovering your mouse over each individual notification allows you to get an option to either mark the notification as Read or Unread, archive the notification, or expand the details. 


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