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The Data Authority Strategy allows you to control which data source will take precedence if two or more sources attempt to update the same field simultaneously. This configuration does not prevent sources from overwriting data if the updates are synced at different times. 

You can configure the Data Authority Strategy for each field in a pipeline. This topic covers:

Configure a Field's Data Authority Strategy

To configure the Data Authority Strategy, create or use a draft of the pipeline, and then follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to a field pipeline, and then either:
    • Select the blue Syncari field node, and then click Configure Node on the right panel.
    • Double-click the blue Syncari field node.
  2. Select the Data Authority Strategy:
    • Latest Record - Syncari selects the record that has the most recent update timestamp and writes the field value from that record to the entity field.
    • Selected Synapse - Syncari selects the record from the synapse defined in the Synapse option below, unless the current value is blank.
    • None - Select this option if you do not want to apply any data authority rule. 
  3. If you chose Selected Synapse as the Data Authority Strategy, choose the synapse that Syncari will accept values from.
    If the current value is blank, Syncari will accept the first non-blank value from any source Synapse and will only accept values from the selected synapse in the future. 
  4. Switch Reject Empty Values on or off.
    On allows you to prevent any source from overwriting the current value with an empty value.
  5. Switch Reject Empty Strings on or off.

Allow Null Values to Overwrite Existing Values 

By default, Syncari rejects empty values as inputs to a field if there is an existing value stored in Syncari. To allow null values to overwrite existing values, create or use a draft of the pipeline, and then follow these steps:

  1. Access the Data Authority Strategy configuration for the field (see Step 1 in Configure a Field's Data Authority Strategy).

  2. Switch off Reject Empty Values and Reject Empty Strings.

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